Eco Bio Detergency

The specification was created with reference to organic production, environmental impact and packaging requirements. The evaluation system also includes a verification of the performance of the product able to attest their effectiveness with respect to similar products, even non-certified, that have a market leading position.

In Eco Bio Detergence products case

The ingredients must come from certified organic farming for a minimum of 25% (excluding powdered products), while for Eco Detergence products, there is no minimum limit of organic content which can still be declared to the consumer, but all other requirements are valid.

The conformity is declared on the label by means of a specific logo that guarantees a third-party control.

The specification and certification system for Eco Bio and Eco Detergence is useful, for example, in Green Public Procurement (GPP) purchases.


ECO AND ECO BIO DETERGENCE certified products guarantee:

  • Formulations consisting in at least 95% ingredients of natural origin;
  • Mandatory dermatological tests for products that come into contact with the skin;
  • Truthful labels and claims supported by reliable scientific tests or bibliography;
  • Certification and control carried out according to the norms of ISO EN 17065 standard.

Certification process

Preliminary assessment

The initial assessment of the products, that is the assessment of the composition of detergents and the conformity of raw materials, by checking the safety data sheets according to the toxicity and biodegradability values established by the standard.  For all organic ingredients is required a certification issued by authorized control and certification bodies. And according to the IFOAM family standards patch tests are also required, for products that will come into contact with the hands, and tests or performance evaluation tests.

Inspection verification

Inspection verification at the production site, or the verification of the actual conformity of the products with the requirements of the specification, the correct organization and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures, and compliance with the relevant environmental criteria.

Certificate of Conformity issue

The issue of the Certificate of Conformity, based on the information and data collected as part of the assessment and verification process also by external independent professional evaluators, which reports the list of certified products based on their classification, and the version of the reference standard.


Annual surveillance, or periodic inspections at the production units, storage and distribution centers of the products, in order to verify the maintenance of the compliance conditions, and also any periodic samples for product analysis at the production facilities and in the sales points.

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