Integrated production

The National Integrated Production Quality System (SQNPI) is important for the purposes of rural development programs.

It flanks the organic production system, it is measurable, controllable and recognized by the European community.

What is the Integrated Production National Quality System

The SQNPI was established with Law No. 4 of February 3, 2011, and provides for a certification process aimed to ensure the application of the technical standards provided for in the regional integrated production regulations used in the production process and management of primary production and related processed. The aforementioned checks will be carried out by Bios on the basis of the regional control plans drawn up in accordance with the national guidelines for the preparation of the control plans of integrated production.


The operators of the agri-food sector will find below the methods of joining and managing the activities, connected to the certification process aimed at obtaining agricultural and agro-industrial products, through a low environmental impact method and distinguishable through the SQNPI brand, and / or to obtain the payments foreseen for the application of the agro-climatic-environmental measures and / or the contributions foreseen for the application of measure 3 in the context of the regional RDPs and of the fruit and vegetable CMO where foreseen.

How to join

SQNPI takes place on a voluntary basis through the Rete Rurale portal (


The steps to follow are:

Submit an application to subscribe on SIAN portal within the terms established by the system. The operator can do it directly if in possession of the system access credentials or through the help of CAA (Agricultural Assistance Center)

The application must contain:

Indication of the CB Bios Srl as the Control Body in charge of the Verification and Certification activity

Purpose of the certification: SQNPI mark and / or Agro-climatic environmental compliance

For the certification of the farming phase only (Land): the operator must update the company file in advance to ensure consistency between the data entered in the application and the company reality, by entering all the land and related crops that they intend to certify.


For the certification of the post-harvest phase, also insert the activities carried out in the application (ex. Conditioning / Transformation / Marketing …)

Control and Certification Methods

1. Sign a contract for the certification and declaration of commitment to the voluntary product control and certification system in compliance with the SQNPI standard

2. Bios srl then plans the annual inspection to the company, assessing its compliance with the SQNPI in accordance with the regional PPE (Integrated Production Regulations).

3. Upload of the verification activity on the national information system and Issue of the Certification Outcome (Certification or Conformity)

For more information, please visit the SIAN _ RETE RURALE website at the link:


Scheme manager: Claudio dr. agr. Fabris (


SQNPI Office:

Francesca Dal Corobbo (

Andrea Cavedon (

Switchboard Tel: 0424.471125



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