Organic cosmetics

What certified natural or organic cosmetics means

By certified natural and organic cosmetics we mean all those cosmetics that have a certification issued and guaranteed by a recognized body only after having passed strict controls on the ingredients used for their production and on the processing systems.

Natural or organic cosmetics

are products obtained by favoring the use of:

Vegetable or animal raw materials from organic and biodynamic agriculture

Chemicals of natural origin, selected on the basis of environmental sustainability criteria

Products certified according to EC Reg. 834/07 or according to other equivalent standards

Bios project to promote certified natural or organic cosmetics

Bios srl carried out a project aimed at companies that intend to produce and market certified natural or organic cosmetics.


In this way, our company aims to offer the market a new certification of natural, organic and qualitatively excellent products, ready to satisfy the needs and expectations of even the most demanding consumer.

Absolutely eco-friendly

Bios certified cosmetics are products free from GMOs, ionizing radiation, not tested on animals and, above all, respectful for man and the environment.


The mission of Bios is to obtain a cosmetic of excellent quality for the consumer, which is, however, eco-friendly both in production and in packaging.


The processing procedure, in fact, must favor the use of energy from renewable resources.


Final packaging must use recycled and / or biodegradable materials.

Cosmetic certification

As there is no real national and international regulation on the subject, a company that is willing to certify its cosmetic products must follow specific guidelines drawn up directly by Bios srl.


These guidelines are BCos02 and BCos03. Both dictate the principles necessary to obtain finished products certified as natural or organic.


Each cosmetic, depending on the type of certification, must comply with pre-established standards, with fixed percentages of compositions. The checks will affect not only the product itself but the entire production and marketing chain.

How does a cosmetic get Bios certification?

To obtain the qualification of certified natural or organic cosmetics, the company must meet the requirements as required by the Bios protocols.


The crops from which the ingredients are extracted will be verified. They must absolutely not use pesticides or GMOs.


For the collection of raw materials, the natural cycle of the seasons must be respected. Products from intensive agriculture will be penalized.


The processing procedures will be such as to avoid any possible manipulation and / or contamination that could compromise the very naturalness of the products.


It will be verified that any ingredient, organic or not, is present in the lists established by the technical standard. Synthetic products and additives will be present only if they do not interfere with the properties of the natural ingredients already present and in any case they cannot exceed pre-established percentages.


Natural or organic cosmetics cannot contain:

  • Synthetic colourings
  • synthetic perfumes
  • Paraffins and silicones
  • GMOs
  • Substances subjected to ionizing radiation

Bios certified natural or organic cosmetics is a guarantee of product quality and of absolute respect for the environment.