Bios organic certification

Bios organic certification: what is it and how to get it?

Thanks to Bios you can obtain the organic certification of your products impartially and objectively.
Before talking about organic certification, let’s briefly see what organic agriculture means.

Organic agriculture

Organic farming is, first of all, a commitment, a mission.


Yes, you got it right: whoever intends to start a journey in the organic world must know that there are very specific rules to be respected that concern both the methods of cultivation and / or breeding and / or transformation of agricultural products, and the use of techniques and substances.


Organic production is a global management system of the farm and its agri-food production that combines best production practices to protect the environment, natural resources and animal welfare with the increasing demand from consumers for products as natural as possible.

The advantages of organic agriculture and breeding

Thanks to organic production methods, it is possible to:

Safeguard the natural productivity of the land by using organic substances and fertilizers and by applying the crop rotation system

Avoid all forms of pollution caused by the use of highly polluting and harmful chemicals for nature and for humans with a responsible use of energy and natural resources (water, soil, organic matter, air)

Produce quality foods that maintain their natural nutritional properties as much as possible

Create eco-sustainable farms where animals are raised with techniques that respect their well-being and are fed with organic vegetable products

Transform food products with organic ingredients and with the regulated use of additives of natural origin

Satisfy consumer requests by producing an ever-wider variety of foods obtained with procedures that protect the environment, human health, plant health and animal welfare

Let’s now see what is meant by organic certification and how to obtain it with Bios s.r.l.

Bios s.r.l. verifies, through the control and certification procedures, the correct application of the regulations by the companies in order to obtain organic certification.


Any company wishing that its products are recognized as being of organic origin cannot fail to undergo the control system which verifies compliance with the regulations and laws currently in force and established by the European Union and the Ministry of Agricultural Food Policies and Forestry.


Our auditors and our collaborators examine every phase of the production process, from the initial moment to the sale of a product, carrying out objective and accurate checks.


Only once the certification has been obtained can the company use the indications referring to organic production in the labeling and advertising of the products.


The organic logo, provided by the European Union, is a sign of guarantee about the quality of the products and the respect of the whole production chain.

Let’s get the certification with us!

If you have come this far, it is because you are surely thinking of taking the path towards organic certification!


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